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Art Direction... Graphic Design!!!

Copen Hagen Agency was asked to create the identity for cool kid Grød. The purpose of the new design, was to transform Grøds identity to reflect their original, yet innovative concept of using the old porridge recipes and transforming them into a new delicious food range sold through their own restaurants and as take away and also as a retail concept. The new identity was designed using strong colors for the packaging and a modern typewriter font to illustrate the retrospective of porridge. The result is a complete and strong  identity used for packaging , posters and a beautiful simple table book design with the best of Grød´s recipes.



Lasse Skjønning Andersen, CEO, GRØD

“Copen Hagen Agency does fast, efficient and professional problem solving, which is extremely
high valued for many companies”



Bon appétit...


Book design...

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